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 The art of manufacturing gold-glass mosaics has been in practice for around 2000 years. However, when using the traditional method of fusing gold leaf with glass, it is impossible to produce a mosaic which is water resistant. Goldinglass India has invented and patented a new technique using vacuum to fuse the glass mosaic. This technique makes the mosaic simultuaneously water resistant, heat shock and frost proof to come up with unsurpassed high quality. Consequently, our mosaics are especially suited for outside application like in spas, ponds and fountains, roofs, floor and facades, even under extreme conditions such as torpical, desertic and snowy climates.

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Goldinglass India combines design, creativity and craftsmanship, thanks to a patented technique that seals pure gold leaves in glass.

Mitra Auroville, Shraddhanjali,
Tamil Nadu, India
Call: +91 0413 2622 591


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