Lotus Pond


Goldinglass India has executed this magnificent Lotus placed at the entrance of one of the Aravind Eye Hospital in South India. Such artistic application has demonstrated the extent to which our water, frost and heat-shock resistant gold tiles can be used.

To realize your project, we have a highly qualified production team that will accommodate personalised requirements with great flexibility and care. Do you need something totally different for a pool, spa, hotel reception desk layout, inlays for furniture and mirrors or for the fittings of luxury airplanes and ships according to very particular specifications? Altogether, an unsurpassed quality mosaic that is available to mold your achievement and creativity.

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Goldinglass India combines design, creativity and craftsmanship, thanks to a patented technique that seals pure gold leaves in glass.

Mitra Auroville, Shraddhanjali,
Tamil Nadu, India
Call: +91 0413 2622 591
Email: mitragoldinglass@auroville.org.in


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