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Mitra Auroville is proudly presenting its luxury 24k gold-in-glass homeware: an exquisite handmade and stylish glass product created with pure gold leaves.

The harmonious simplicity of Goldinglass India's fine work lies on its unique and patented manufacturing method combined with the creativity of its designers.

Our fashionable gold tile is both at once: classic and modern, minimalistic and opulent. It embodies a flair that goes beyond the article itself – invisible to the eyes but felt throughout our being. All articles of Goldinglass India are woven into something mysterious and out of the ordinary. The translucent gold metal, which unfolds fully in each Goldinglass India article, offers its own character that is rich in value and substance, along with an exceptional depth.

Considered as one of the most valued and highly sought-after precious metal, gold has always inflamed behavior of Nations and entire societies. In today’s modern world, it is now possible to benefit from the halo of gold and its symbol of perfection in your home or office.

Goldinglass refined products are dishwasher proof and, if handled properly, possess an everlasting life. The unique properties of gold will always give rise to a bright, dense and immutable shine.

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Goldinglass India combines design, creativity and craftsmanship, thanks to a patented technique that seals pure gold leaves in glass.

Mitra Auroville, Shraddhanjali,
Tamil Nadu, India
Call: +91 0413 2622 591
Email: mitragoldinglass@auroville.org.in


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